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Conversation Topics That Keep Her Attention, Charm Her, and Attract Her

You can spend a ton of time on your looks, book reservations at the perfect restaurant, and make all of the money you want, but when it comes to charming a woman, it all comes down to the conversation.

Which is why it’s so frustrating when certain conversations seem to go nowhere, only ending up with large moments of awkward silence before the two of you go your separate ways. The problem is that you are focusing on the wrong topics of conversation.

Luckily, it’s an easy fix.

By utilizing the following conversation topics, you’ll be able to attract women by turning good conversations into great conversations.

1. When you were kids…

No matter how old you are, your childhood will always hold a special place in your heart. By opening yourself up and letting the woman know what kind of circumstances you come from, you’ll not only show her your emotional side, but also give her a chance to relate. By opening up the floor for conversation topics about childhood, she will have her own experiences she will want to talk about, allowing her to shoulder a lot of the conversation itself.

2. What you’re passionate about…

This is the easiest topic to use for two reasons. First, it allows the woman to (once again) see your emotional side, something that will only help win her over. Second, it gives you a chance to talk about something you actually enjoy talking about! This will make the conversation float easily, taking the weight off of it. In the same way, after talking about your own passions, steer the conversation in the direction of hers, asking her a lot of questions about what she enjoys doing. Later on when she thinks about the conversation she had with you, she’ll remember it being a lot of fun because she was talking about what she loves.

3. The people surrounding you…

Since this is a woman you’ve spent very little time with, you don’t have a lot of common experiences from which to draw from … except the current experience you’re having. Form a bond with her by discussing your surroundings, whether it be the type of bar you’re currently in, the food in the restaurant, or the people surrounding you. One thing I love doing whenever I’m talking with a woman is making up back stories for the various strangers surrounding us. This puts us in a collaborative mood and allows me to flex my creative side.

4. Her ambitions…

While talking about your current job and your past is all well and good, women put a lot of stock into where the man is going. But even more important than that is getting her to speak about herown future ambitions. This will, once again, steer the conversation in her direction, letting her talk about herself. Also, it will boost the emotional state of the conversation, since no one can talk about their own ambitions without getting a little bit excited about them.

5. Her travels

Travel is always a fun topic, but this is a part where it’s best to step back and let her talk. While the places you’ve traveled could be great, and you could have so many stories from your various adventures, too many of those and it looks like you’re trying too hard to impress her. Instead, start the topic off about travel and then start inquiring about her own stories. This will showcase her various passions, desires, world views, etc. which you can call back later on in the conversation.

6. Your life lessons

While this isn’t necessarily a “topic”, it’s important to shade all of your conversations by asking yourself this question: What lesson has this taught you? By having this depth in every topic of conversation, you are not only showcasing the depth of your own thought (again, something women enjoy finding in men), but also once again spreading the branches of the conversation tree as far as they can go. Instead of just talking about this fight you got into in 5th grade (one topic) you can talk about your various feelings that were going through your mind at the time and the lessons you’ve learned from the fight (many topics). From there, the conversation will expand on its own.

7. Your thoughts on pop culture / current events

If worse comes to worse, use any thoughts you have on pop culture or current events to keep the conversation from falling into any awkward silences. However, don’t use this conversation topic too often or else you will come off as boring and with no depth.

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5 Things to Avoid When Dating Ukrainian Women

So you’ve heard about all the beautiful lovely women from Ukraine that are trying to escape their dire situation. Although most of these women are not in physical danger, the local economy is bad. There are very few jobs and they pay very little. There is also a significant lack of available men for them to date. If you are a single man in a Western country looking for a serious relationship, there has never been a better time then now to date Ukrainian.
These Ukrainian dating websites are generally very high quality. They take care to ensure everything is legal and ethical. They verify the women’s identities and interview them to make sure they are joining for the right reasons.
Most of the Ukrainian women take their search for a foreign man seriously. They get professional photos done and put a lot of effort into writing their profiles.
Nonetheless, this is the internet and caution should be taken when interacting with a woman you meet. I’ll explain to you now the most important things to avoid.
Rule #1
Never send a woman that you are talking to any money. It doesn’t matter what she says her situation is or how much you like her.
I know that doesn’t sound very nice, but if you send her money, you will seem “easy” and there is a good chance she will actually lose interest in you.
A respectable woman would not ask for financial favors from you and a respectable man would not offer money to someone that he hasn’t met in person.
In the event that a woman you are talking to tells you about her difficult financial situation, its best to simply give her encouragement. Tell her something like: “It sounds like times are tough but I think you’ll be able to get through it.”
Rule #2
Don’t put these beautiful woman on a pedestal. Most western men are shocked at how gorgeous, physically fit, and feminine these women are. For some reason or other, women in Eastern Europe are BEAUTIFUL. The photos on Ukrainian dating sites are stunning and some men mistake them for paid models. They’re not! Those are the actual members and many are even more beautiful in real life.
The important thing to remember is that since these women grew up surrounded by other beautiful women, they don’t think of themselves as that special.
You can compliment a women you like, but its much better to focus on something about her personality rather than her looks. Most guys on these sites only compliment her looks, so you’ll have an advantage when you talk about something deeper than her physical beauty.
Rule #3
Don’t be afraid to chat with someone that you are drawn to and are interested in. Some men get shy around these women and resort to talking to someone that they find less attractive. Don’t do that! Remember that these women think of Western men with very high regard. There’s a good chance that these beauties may actually be a little shy themselves (at least in the beginning) talking to you.
Rule #4
Don’t think that something is holding you back. Maybe you’re not happy with your job, you’re health isn’t great or you have feelings of despair. Nobody’s perfect!
Remember that Ukrainian women think VERY highly of western men and are grateful when you give them your attention. They especially hold older men in high esteem. So don’t worry too much about how they’ll think about you.
Most of these women are warm-hearted and marriage-minded after all.
Why not fall in love with the woman of your dreams? I promise you that if you do, you’ll be overcome with joy and all of your other problems will suddenly seem insignificant.
Rule #5
Don’t waste your time. Most guys sign up to dating websites but then create profiles that women don’t find attractive. I was lucky that my friend recommended a good eBook which gave me step-by-step instructions on how to attract, seduce, and ultimately have a relationship that I consider “true love.”
Unfortunately, I’ve searched online but it seems that eBook is not for sale anymore.
Luckily, during my search I did find a book that I think is a little better. I purchased it, read it and now have lots of new tips and tricks that I wish I had when I started. It’s called “The whole truth about Ukrainian and Russian brides.”
If you’d like to take a look click here.
Take care.

“Not Enough Men in Ukraine”

I got a call from one of my Ukrainian friends.
She started telling me about her girlfriends in Odessa…it turns out that most of them are single or divorced.
I asked “why is that?”, remembering that many of them were attractive younger women.
The answer she gave me was one that I did not expect to hear: “There are not enough men in Ukraine”
Apparently, because of the war in eastern Ukraine, the government is drafting into the military over 100,000 men. 50,000 were supposed to be drafted during the first 3 months of 2015 alone.
On top of this, Ukraine was ALREADY experiencing a shortage of men. This is because the economy has been weak for years and a lot of men emigrated abroad in search of jobs.
These two factors have created a large gender imbalance in Ukrainian cities. A lot of women are left lonely without partners because there simply aren’t enough men.
Ukraine is a country that’s already known for their beautiful women and now in 2015 a lot of these beauties are desperately looking for a serous relationship.
If you happen to be a single man living in a “Western” country, this might be the perfect opportunity to consider dating one of these women.
Western men are in VERY high demand and Ukrainian dating websites are booming with action.
I stumbled upon a great, newer Ukrainian dating website. They already have quite a few women but not that many male members.
You should see how many beautiful single women there are!
Click Here and fill out the short form on the next page. Then you’ll be able to view profiles and instantly chat with some of these beauties!
I don’t know how long this gender imbalance in Ukraine is going to last. When the war ends and the men come home I suspect that things might change.

How Big Are You?

I recently talked to an Asian female friend of mine. She was very excited about a “smaller” guy she recently met and now she’s dating him.
She’s a rather beautiful, petite woman. She’s about 5 foot tall (152cm) and weighs about 100 lbs (45kg).
I asked about him, because I’ve known her to have dated lots of bigger and taller men before.
She told me: “That’s the advantage of being an Asian woman. Taller guys make me feel safe. But I also like shorter guys: its just easier to talk to them.”
She continued: “In terms of relationships, I’m happy that I’m a petite woman. If I was bigger then I would be stuck dating only guys bigger than me. I want to feel feminine no matter who I date.”
I found this very interesting. Now I wish that I had tried dating Asian women before. Unfortunately there aren’t many where I live.
So I signed up for this great Asian dating website. Its full of beautiful woman in Asian countries that are looking for Western men.
If you want to see and need an invitation link click here.

#1 Most Desirable -> Blondes

Study shows blondes are the most attractive.
Have you ever dated a blonde?
A recent study asked men “What physical quality do you find most attractive in a woman?”
Long, Blonde Hair was the number one answer.
When I was a teenager I was fortunate enough to date a Polish girl with long, beautiful, medium-blonde hair.
Sure, it was only one thing among many that attracted me to her. But it is still the one that sticks out in my mind.
Blondes, for some reason or other just seem pure and “golden.”
Of course there are beautiful women of all colors, and beauty is only skin deep.
Yet, I felt a magnetic draw to her, and you could feel everyone else admiring her, and being a little envious of me wherever we went.
You can call me superficial, but its true. When I was with her, her flowing hair would radiate and I felt like we were a prize couple.
I know that in many areas of the world blondes are rare. The most beautiful blondes that I’ve seen have been in Northern and Eastern Europe.
When I was looking to meet women over the internet, I was glad that someone suggested that I see what the women in Russia look like.
Russia is full of blondes! And absolutely beautiful ones if you ask me.
These women are also shapely and elegant.
Driving is not as popular in Russia so they stay fit and walk everywhere. Yet they are well groomed and have a classically feminine feel.
If you would like to see for yourself, click here and fill out the short form on the next page to view some profiles.
You will soon begin to admire a sort of beauty that is probably very rare in your own town.
There’s nothing like having a chance to date a woman that looks stunning… and I don’t mean just for a couple of days but for a serous, long-term loving relationship.