“How old is TOO old to date?”

“How old is TOO old to date?”
I got asked this question by a gentleman who is in his early 60’s.
He thinks that women are not interested in him because of his age. He’s had a couple of bad experiences with the age factor, and unfortunately it sounds like it has affected his confidence.
I wanted to share with you the same thing that I told him: A lack of confidence is a much bigger problem than advanced age ever can be.
Have you seen Hugh Hefner? He dates some of the most beautiful young women in America and he’s turned 89 in April!
Sure, I know what you’re going to say: “But he’s rich and famous…”
Yes, he is, but he’s also confident in himself. And he dates LOTS of beautiful women.
I’m assuming that you aren’t rich or famous, and neither am I. But you and I don’t need to date lots of beautiful women…one good one is enough. Ok, maybe a couple of good ones…
This idea of not being able to date a good looking woman or falling in love when a man is in his 50’s or 60’s is ridiculous.
A survey was recently taken asking 20-40 year old Ukrainian women what they thought of dating older men.
About 40% of these women said that they would not date a man much older than them. 30% did not care about a man’s age, and the rest, a full 30% said that THEY PREFERRED men that were much older.
They find men over the age of 50 to be much more charming, attentive, and wise. They view older men in higher esteem than younger men and are sometimes even intimidated by them.
Imagine that, a beautiful woman in her late 20’s who looks up to and is ATTRACTED to a man in his early 60’s.
Dream on, right?
What most Western men don’t realize is that younger woman – older man couples are much more commonplace in some countries like Ukraine. Women there seem to have different priorities than typical women in the West. They prefer meeting a man that’s stable and sincere, whereas western women tend to be more interested in flashy men and being seen.
Ukrainian women are also more marriage minded and their gentle, feminine demeanor makes them great long term spouses.
Recently I found a Ukrainian dating site that specializes in introducing older men to younger women. They tell the women that many of the men are older, and these women knowingly choose to join this site so they can meet who they want to meet (older western men).
Of course not all of these women are in their early 20’s or 30’s, they also have plenty of women that are in their 40’s and 50’s. I suggest that you see for yourself. Just click HERE.
You can use the search feature to display the profiles of women based on their age. It will sort though the profiles and show you only the ones that you want to see, whether its women in their  20’s, 40’s, or even 60’s.
In addition you can search based on hair color, height, and weight. You can also search multiple things at once. For example, you can search for only tall, skinny blondes that are aged 35-40. Click HERE to check it out.
In their profile descriptions you will see that many women are interesting in meeting men of your age.
I hope that I was able to alleviate any concerns that you might have had.
Have a great and interesting week.